Coloured Sealants

Silicone is used to protect and seal joints between any two surfaces. This can be anything from the smallest silicon chip to the world’s biggest machine. It can be used indoors or outdoors, between almost any surfaces. Silicone sealants are the most common type of sealant used in the building industry, and they have revolutionised the technology of adhesion, opening up advanced design possibilities. These  possibilities are even larger thanks to the introduction of  coloured sealants. Acrylic sealants are the economical, paintable alternative to silicones, since they are suitable for sealing and filling joints around aluminium, wood and uPVC window and door frames. However, the external application of this type of sealant is very much ruled by weather  conditions . Basically it must be dry and warm before an acrylic sealant can be applied. They also do not offer the same flexibility as silicone sealants. For these reasons, when a professional is looking for an assembly method that offers outstanding performance and allows colour matching, coloured silicon sealants can be a very effective and interesting choice.

When to use coloured sealants?

Silicone adhesives may be opaque, coloured or transparent. This visual flexibility is a major advantage for aesthetics and for safety. Transparent adhesives, for example, do not impede sight of a lower surface through a bonded material – a benefit that is often crucial for electrical or medical devices.
It is very important to know what the problem that needs to be fixed is and what are the requirements of the application to be able to select the right silicon sealant for a specific job. There are quite a few silicon sealant types and choosing the correct one is crucial to a successful result. Besides flexibility, resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical and water resistance, durability and inertness, coloured sealants have especially been developed for colour matched sealing based on the RAL System colours.

Typical areas of use of coloured sealants

Coloured silicone is mainly used in construction, furniture and sanitary applications, but is widely used in other areas as well, such as automotive, machinery, electrical and electronic equipment, foodstuffs, etc. Coloured sealants are used in all building and construction joints that require colour matched sealants, as well as glazing, powder coated aluminium, uPVC, and painted wood. Depending on the specifications of the material itself, it can be used on different surfaces such as walls, floors ,ceramic tiles, glass, enamel, anodized aluminium, granite, porcelain and sanitary acrylics. The characteristics of the product can be adjusted to include a fungicide or anti-mould agents, hence their use in wet areas, such as bathrooms, showers, sinks and kitchens.

Examples of coloured sealants

Silicone sealants can be used in different fields and some of them require colour matched sealing based on the RAL System colours. For this reason, a large number of products are available in different colours. Some examples of these products are:

  • EVT Connection Joint HPA
    may be used for sealing connecting joints and other interior and exterior expansion joints. Available in white, transparent, midgrey, black, oldwhite 9002, PU- concretegrey, concretegrey and rockgrey.
  • EVT Sanitary HPS
    may be used for sealing in sanitary areas and in air-conditioning and ventilation engineering applications, as well as between profile glass and glass brick elements and on windows with uPVC and metal frames. Colours include white, transparent, jasmine, midgrey, manhattan grey, jointgrey, brightgrey, dustgrey, silvergrey, bahamabeige and pergamon.
  • EVT Window 70
    low odour elastic silicone sealant with fungicide. Available currently in 17 different colours, including chartwell green, light oak, rosewood, steel blue and agate grey among others.
  • EVT Prime Colours
    may be used for sealing construction joints on most surfaces. Available in more than 70 different RAL Colors including  RAL 6019-Pastel Green, RAL 3002-Carmine Red, RAL 8019-Grey Brown, to name just a few.

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