Wide variety of high-performance polyurethane foams for various applications and the best insulation results.1K, 2K-foams as well as propellant-free fast foams for the controlled filling, sealing and installation of window and door frames.

The polyurethane foam has become one of the indispensable materials in the construction and core materials for furniture, cooling and freezing systems in different domains such as housebuilding, and shipbuilding. Being very versatile and affordable and with a great mechanical strength, it is widely used to securely fill and seal holes, to assemble doors and windows, pipe penetrations as well as gluing of panels. It is also one of the best insulation materials known, efficient for both thermal and acoustic insulation.

One of the main characteristics of PU-foams is that their density is low, which makes the weight reduction very significant compared to other options. They can exist as both rigid and flexible foams, and as a coating or adhesive material.

There are multipurpose foams with universal characteristics, such as very low heat transfer, that serve both to insulate and to carry out the rapid filling of holes, crevices, holes and cracks in all types of materials, like the EVT mounting and frame foams which are optimized for all assembly work on doors and windows. Moreover, they are paintable when the surface is dry. Other foams produced for a more specific use, such as furniture, bedding, cushioning and packaging, are very soft and flexible for optimal results.

In addition, in our catalogue you can find more specific PU-foams that are semi rigid when fully cured, primarily closed-pore, non-ageing and heat-resistant. Thanks to the fact that they harden by means of a chemical reaction, most of our products cure simultaneously and evenly when applied. Some of them may also be used to seal basement joints subjected to external pressure for water. Please refer to the product specifications for additional information, detailed material descriptions and processing instructions.


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